06 mai 2007

Golden in my Hook by Christina Padilla

Don't you just love Christina's art ? She mixes papers and layers like nobody else! GET INSPIRED! :) CHALLENGE !!!!Mix RDg papers with overlays, papers and ribbons, on a 8,5x11 layout !have fun!winner will be announced tomorrow and will get RDG goodies! :)
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06 mai 2007

Layout by Adrienne Looman

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06 mai 2007

What Else...by Kristina Contes

Challenge ! Scrap a 6x12 layout with a very small picture!
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06 mai 2007

Mixed Media collages by Jen Osborn

Why not use rub-ons on canvases, wooden boxes and turn any frame into a work of ART?!!!See how beautiful jen's pieces are ! BE INSPIRED! don't you wanna dive into your stash of old junk and create a piece of collage? Don't be scared ! Feel free to do it ! :) Here's the game ! Question : How many different RUB-ONS can you find in the Rouge de Garance product line?FIRST ONE to post it in the comments of this thread will win and receive RDG goodies!
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06 mai 2007

You & Me by Céline Navarro

I've always loved painting. In fact, I've been painting wayyyyy before I scrapbook ! Here, I painted the whole background myself. See how cool it looks when you play with three different colors! You have a rich, colorful, vibrant background and you can pretty much use any kind of papers to create your layout! Ok here's how I did : take a 12x12 cardstock apply 2 thick layers of gesso and let dry once dry, take a Soft Rubber Brayer and apply your first layer of color (here,I applied yellow first) once dry, repeat... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2007

Luck - mini pages by Ana Cabrera

This is two mini pages that get tucked into the box (see post below). On these, notice that I used Fusible Thread. I ironed on the copper thread onto the paper following the lines in the design. Adds texture and makes the paper look like a quilt or fabric! CHALLENGE TIME!Make TWO mini layouts about YOU ! and define your own unique ART style!Time : 2 hours.Size : 6x6.Colors : up to you!Winner will be announced tomorrow and will receive RDG products!
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05 mai 2007

Madd Respect by Christina Padilla

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05 mai 2007

Paradise by Breanne Crawford

Breanne has a thing for colors too !Here you can see she mixed THREE different paper lines from Rouge de Garance, and they match together SO well ! For example, she cut around the design of a 6x12 paper and use it like an embellishment ! Those 6x12 papers are great for mini books but also to give strength to your layout, with the black and white designs for example! GAME TIME! :)Question : what's the name of the 6x12 Rouge de Garance paper line ?FIRST ONE to post it in the comments of this thread will win and receive RDG... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2007

Proud to be an Artist by Céline Navarro

I made this layout using the Limited Serie pack from Rouge de Garance, and let me tell you : I've been in love with these papers SO much ! I first made this layout for Hambly, as I was their Guest DT member for January, and I just couldn't help but using a few RDG papers along with some Hambly overlays, as those papers match each other SO well ! First, I used a big picture but cut it around the face, so that I don't have a real squarey look to my layout. Then I used some Ranger Ink Dabber paint to add bits of acrylic on my... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2007

Winter Formal by Adrienne Looman

  1. Gather approximtely 2-4 of your most favorite colorful RDG papers and one black and white, chipboard letters, 2-3 flower embellishments. 2.  With your black and white paper cut out one of the swirl designs and keep for later. Next cut out several of your favorite flowers from  the colored RDG papers and set off to the side with your black and white swirl. 3. From the remaining pieces of colored paper draw a very large circle (try using a plate) and another large design of your choosing for the other... [Lire la suite]
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